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Bambi Blurbs Divi Plugin for Animated SVG Icons

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Bambi Blurbs Divi Plugin for Animated SVG Icons


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Bambi Blurbs. A funky Animated SVG icons Divi Plugin (with 90 Icons)

Please note:
– Microsoft browsers such as IE and Edge show flat icons perfectly but it won’t support animated SVGs. Read more below.
– You do not need to know how to make animations yourself to use this Plugin
– Please watch our video on How to Use Bambi as shown below before asking for support
– SVG animations are fully responsive
– Elegant Themes plan to build an API for Divi plugins. Until that time, Bambi works best from the back-end editor. (Update now in development)

What is an Animated SVG Icons Divi Plugin?
A plugin is a bit of software that can be uploaded to extend and expand the functionality of your Divi Theme. It adds a specific feature to an existing program. A program that supports plug-ins enables customisation. In this instance the plugin serves up 90 animated SVG icons and allows the user to customise colours, hover effects and have some control over the animation.

What you get
With the Divi Plugin you get 90 pre-designed icons that have a range of animation options. And more packs of icons will be made available at regular intervals for a small price.

What does it do?
Here are some of the properties this Divi Plugin has. The small file sized icons will load fast on a website. The plugin will integrate seamlessly with the Divi Blurb Module Settings. The SVGs resize infinitely without loss of quality.

The Bambi Blurbs loads all animated icons as code. All you need to do is install the plugin. No need to have animation skills to change it.

What can you change with the Plugin?
You can change the following and have control over:

Hover Effects
– slide-in left to right
– slide-up
– slide triangle behind
– shadow bottom
– tilt icon left
– bounce
– none

Change Icon Colours
– outline
– fill
– background

Animation Control
– loop animation
– on hover: infinite loop
– off – no animation

Icon Size
– Icons have a default size which can be adjusted under “Design” as a percentage
– Icons can be scaled independently for desktop, tablet and mobile views
– To keep it mobile friendly, icons cannot be bigger than the container they are in

Why would you want to buy this?
Websites have become very flat in design. Of course colours, images and video can lift a website. But text tends to live in very boring blocks. These animated icons will give you the opportunity to add something extra to your design. Make a part of your site pop. These animated SVGs will allow you to introduce some fun and interest back into webdesign.

The plugin allows you to change colour, change some of the animation actions and hover effects. Make it your own. And the best part. You don’t need to know how to create animations yourself. It’s been done for you.

Get it now. Be the first to add animation to your web design.

Browser Support:
IE and Edge Browsers will only show flat icons (not animated) because they do not support animated SVGs. Icons will display and scale just fine – but they won’t animate in Internet Explorer and Edge. Edge promises svg animation support in future versions. IE & Edge is just 9% of global users, so not really a big deal. More here:

Why you need a designed and pre-built Divi Plugin:
Saves you time and with it money.
– Allows a designer to include animations in a website without needing to know how to do it themselves.
– A bunch of variations allow customisation.
– So easy to use. Watch our How to use Video to see how you can work with the plugin.

How to use it:
For help How to Use this Animated SVG Icons Divi Plugin watch our video below.

NB: You will need the Divi Builder for this Plugin. Get it here.

Please be aware that you have to have experience in using the Divi Theme and WordPress in order to work with this Plugin. Support only covers bugs or issues with the product itself.

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