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Divi Contact Form Kit – 5 Special Effects UI Modules

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What is a Divi Contact Form?

A Contact Form according to PCMag is a feature on a website page that allows users to communicate with the site owner. The page has fields for filling in name, address and type of comment. On most company websites, e-mail and mailing addresses are also included. The contact form provides an immediate, convenient way for users to ask the company questions.

Divi Contact Form Kit Numbering

We have designed and built 5 fabulous Divi Contact Form Layouts for you. To try and make it clear which one we are talking about we have numbered them from one to five by this method. 1 – 5 (one of five), 2 – 5 (two of five), 3 – 5 (three of five)  etc.

The Five Divi Contact Form UI Modules Brief Descriptions

This first one of five, 1 – 5, Contact Form UI Modules has space for a call to action message. Underneath is a message block with the name and email address field to the right. Fun animation when clicking on input field.

The second of the five Divi Contact Forms, 2 – 5, has a smaller Call to Action headline but an additional space for a message with contact details underneath. To the right of this is the Contact Form itself with fun animation when entering data into the input field. Space has been provided underneath this for a brief About Us message with an option to link to social media accounts.

The third Divi Contact Form, 3 – 5, is longer. It is nested in a ⅔ column with the right side allowing additional space for images or messages. There is a hover effect that appears when using the input field with a drop shadow animation.

The fourth, 4 – 5, uses the FAQ form format. The accordion feature is used for the FAQs. A bold contact form is to the right for additional questions users might have. This has a hover effect when info is entered into fields. The fifth Divi Contact Form, 5 – 5, has a strong Call to Action field. The form itself has animated fields for a fun effect.

Customising These Divi Contact Forms

These Contact Forms are fully customisable. Change the copy. Use your own favourite fonts and tweak the font size to suit your design. You can change the colours too and of course the icons we have used. Stamp your own design style on these fun Contact Forms. Enjoy this Divi Product. It will easily and quickly help you add animation to a flat design. And it will save you money. No more boring contact forms.

NB: These Contact Forms will work with the default Divi Contact Form Module.

Why you need designed and built Divi Contact Form Layouts:

  1. Use as a time saver.
  2. Easy to use. Watch our How to Use Videos to learn how to easily work with the Contact Form UI kit.
  3. For general support on how to work with the Divi Builder watch the free videos on YouTube or check in what Elegant Themes are offering.
  4. Need immediate and quick help? Get help from our Divi Experts at affordable prices.
  5. use as many times as you wish.

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