10 Compelling Reasons To Use Free Divi Theme Layouts

Free Divi Layouts – use with the Divi Theme

This article is in particular for web designers using the Divi Theme. Elegant Theme‘s web tools are great. With almost half a million Divi Theme users, Elegant Themes are definitely offering a winning web design aid.  For the Divi Theme users getting hold of some free Divi Layouts is a huge bonus. In case you still need some form of gentle persuasion whether to try a free divi layout here are 10 compelling reasons why using free Divi Layouts is such a great idea.

Free Divi Layouts Save Time

Why would you want to recreate a Divi Layout every time for the same repeated design elements. To be 100% upfront about this all sites need the same elements on them. Just like every supermarket has a cashier and at least one display counter so do all websites need contact forms, call to actions, navigation, headers, footer and blogs just to list a few of the many repeated web design elements. When using Divi Layouts that have been premade you save the time of having to recreate the same elements every time.

Finished Designs

Have you spent hours working on a design? Fine tuning it till you know it converts? Why reinvent the wheel. You know your design works. Your clients love it. Their clients love it. They have converting design elements. Do you really want to have to fiddle with the Divi Builder settings every time you recreate the same element. You shouldn’t! And the Divi team know this after years of feedback from the massive Divi community.that’s why they created the Divi library and gave us the ability to save the Dive Layouts to be reused.

It’s Easy To Reuse The Free Divi Layouts

Yes. you can reuse them. This does not mean they all need to look the same. All it means is that they are saved in your Divi library waiting for your next project. When you need to build yet another footer you can import the footer Divi layout into the dashboard. Open the settings and adjust the design to match the new client’s look and feel. It takes a few simple clicks and the content details are updated. This would include such info items as phone numbers and addresses. The google map is updated and in the advanced settings you change the font and colours to match the new client’s brand.

Be Nice And Share

Sharing is caring. You went to web design school and are still friends with your fellow students? Or you work in a big development company and have lots of colleagues. Then this is perfect for you. When your friend or colleague mentions that they love a design element and tells you that they have a project where this would fit in perfectly then share. Download the Divi layout and send it to them to reuse. And remember the more you share the more you get. Ask your friends and colleagues to share with you in return. That way you all benefit from a growing library. Think of the extra spare time you can now have if you don’t have to remake every element each time.

There Is Always A Backup

Computers crash. There are irritating power failures, storms that disrupt internet services, the boiler break and pours onto your hard drive and of course sites get hacked. It’s endless the amount of drama we have to face nowadays when using technology. Not that one should complain. What would we do without the web.With the Divi layouts one can download them onto hard drives and save them in case of the one day when technology fails you. We have all been there at least once. That’s why we save constantly and backup everything.

See How Designers Have Created Them

Have you ever looked at a design and said – how did they do that? Spent hours in Chrome inspect trying to figure out what styles or CSS they are using? If you download a premade Divi layout you get to see how they made it. We have always been interested to see how others create effects and styles. Sometimes after seeing other designers’ work we have learnt from them and actually changed our Divi layouts to the better.

Tons Available On The Internet

Even after nagging all your friends and colleagues and already have a growing Divi library but you think it’s not enough? Now what? The great news is there are tons more available for free on the web. Sign up to the Divi blog. This should be your first step as they are always giving away free Divi layouts. Then do a Google search for Free Divi Layouts and, you will be surprised how generous the growing Divi community is. Join the Divi Facebook group. That’s a great place to get new free Divi layouts. And sign up to sites that send out newsletters promoting their freebies. We have!

So Easy To Import

This is the best part about the free Divi Layouts. It literally takes seconds to install a Divi layout when you create a new Divi design. First step is to enable the Divi Builder. Loading a Divi layout from the Divi builder is really easy. Click the Load from Library button and select the Divi layout you want. Click load. Done.


Incredible flexibility.. Once you have imported your free Div Layouts you can work around it however you like. Drag and drop rows. Delete unnecessary or unwanted elements. If you change your mind then go to the history option and bring it back. Divi Builder also has a ctrl z option which means you can undo a change you might directly from your keyboard. Need to add a new element to your layout. No problem. Just click and add and style.

Sell Your Own Divi Layout Designs

Here’s a good idea. Once you have established your own Divi Layouts library you can sell them. There are sites you can post your layouts on that will sell them for you. Or install a woocommerce shop on your site. Divi and woocommerce are very compatible. Your website already gets you leads for new clients and you use it to show off your great designs – why not let it make you some extra money from all your hard work. Remake them into different styles. Take one item and make many versions to sell. Not all styles appeal to everyone. Make once and sell many times over is a great business strategy and could end up being s lucrative little side hustle for you.

Free Divi Layouts A Total Win Win

That’s just 10 reasons why it’s so awesome to use Free Divi Layouts. You are bound to think of a few more once you start using them.