Top Five Free Divi Layouts by Divi Den

Free Divi Layouts

Great Divi Layouts can Save Time and Money

Web designers are always on the look out for tools that make their work easier and allows them to deliver a project more quickly in this way making their efforts more profitable. They are also often looking for new ideas and design inspiration. Combine the two for an absolute winning concept. For Divi Theme users pre-made homepage divi layouts can be such a work aid.

The essence of a good layout is that the design has been well thought through and the build is executed in such a way as work well and to be fully responsive. A good design will also include some clever bits such as hover effects, mouse over animations, icon development and the use of a range of elements that every web site needs.

Divi Den has a range of free divi layouts to chose from. Currently there are 18 available covering a variety of topics and business fields. From SEO agencies to catering, health spa to medical practice, construction to events. The range is extensive. Here are five of the best.

Hotel Divi Layout 

Free Divi Layout Hotel

This design has been created to show an upmarket hotel that would want to cater to the well healed customer.  Elegant colours and images with the use of clever animations and funky zoom effects make this divi layout suitable for any luxury hospitality business.

The particular modules used in this layout include a trendy header making use of the Divi gradient effect, stacked image feature with a pop out of the page zoom hover effect stretch button hover effect to add some buzz to the CTA buttons, abstract stacked image placement with hover effect, a speciality section featuring four images with zoom effect and strong gradient look and more.

One of the More Popular Divi Layouts 

Yoga Divi Layout. A Winner.

Free Divi Layout Yoga

This lovely divi layout puts its focus on creating an emotional connection with visitors. Yoga is as much for the emotions and mental health as for physical well-being. This aims to reflect this. Choice of colours, images and layout focuses on feeling calm and serene.

This layout has a stunning header effect, a row of four animated buttons for special Calls to Action, animated text on image gallery with faint reveal effect, three blurbs for concise info, more CTAs, a special features for an evocative message, person modules for yoga instructors and more.

A popular divi layout. Free Divi Download Here.

A Homepage Divi Layout for a Coach

Free Divi Layout Couch

Coaching is becoming important as everybody finds themselves needing to learn new skills. Coaching makes for a good online business as well and is suitable for sole practitioners as well as larger organisations.

This divi layout includes a header image with image overlay, slide effect on loading, blurbs with fun icons, a text slider from left for a CTA block, video element with slide in button, block of text sliding into place on loading, fun counter and person module and more.

Download the free Divi Layout here

A Portfolio Site for a Photographer

Free Divi Layout Photographer

An image heavy layout to show case a photographer’s work. Of course this layout can be used for a variety of creative work besides photography. Whether painting, jewellery or fashion design this layout can support the business of a range of people selling their creativity.

This divi layout has a header with slider with an opaque form over image, four blurbs to use for services, a bold image to use with a compelling byeline, white space for a message, gallery with hover animation, a person module, testimonial, space for a show reel and a pricing table.

Free Divi Layout Here

Gorgeous Images to Promote a Hairdresser Business

Free Divi Layout Hairdresser

Divi layouts that use great photography are particularly useful for businesses. An image is worth a thousand words is a saying and on the web this is most definitely the case. Visitors want to spend as little time hunting for the right business. In one moment they want to know whether the site is what they are looking for. A great image is more useful for this than many words.

This divi layout makes use of visual material. Focusing on another creative industry, that is the hair dressing field, this layout promotes the business with images. Besides accommodate photographs the site also uses a larger than normal double header image for maximum impact. It has three sections using mouse over hover effects to promote different services or special deals. A number of CTAs with hover effect, large ad banner spaces to link to internal pages if required, image place for more hair styles, person module for stylists with hover effect and space for a Coupon.

Free Divi Layout download here

Customising the Free Divi Layouts

The free divi layouts showcase different industries and businesses. But that doesn’t mean to say that users have to stick with these.  Divi Den’s page layouts are fully customisable. It’s easy to change the copy or use another font. Drop in new images and change the colour. Web designers can easily add their individual preferences to these layouts.

Each free divi layout comes with a How To video to assist newbies with getting the most out of the free homepage layout. For experienced Divi Theme users the free layouts are also great as they can easily adapt them to their needs. For newbies it’s always advisable not to get too adventurous and stick with the layout as it has been built. Just drop in your client’s content to customise it.

What People Say

This plugin has really made me look like I know what I’m doing!
- Flynn

I have been with Divi Den from the get go. I am very hard to please, but they keep pleasing. I have yet to find anything nearly as good. I use DiviDen on everything. Keep going…
- Stephen Wilson

I’d recommend Divi Den Pro to any serious Divi user. I’ve used it extensively and confirm the layouts work well with Divi. The support team is responsive and overall, I’m happy with my decision to use Divi Den Pro.
- Keith Agnew

It’s me, again praising all of you as usual. How you all manage to keep coming up with ideas that are even more awesome than the previous ones is just amazing. I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before but the only thing better than your designs is your support. It is among the best support I’ve ever experienced on consistent basis if not the best.
- Amit K

Best layout packs out there! So easy to use, so versatile! Amazing support!
- David O  (FB permalink)

They create awesome layouts for non-CSS people and their support team is top-notch. VERY responsive and they have saved me on tough items I could not figure out. If you want to work with a winning team on anything DIVI, check Divi Den out. You will not be disappointed. Thank you so much, Divi Den for all your help and to Marko in support too!
- Sonia W 

LOVE LOVE LOVE your solutions and generosity with the fantastic layout packs. Your team is solid with it's solutions and creativity. Thanks!
- Cr8tivmedia