Need a Health Spa Website? Try a Divi Layout

Who needs a Health Spa Website

A Health Spa website is a necessary business tool for sole practitioners as well as small to large businesses offering services and products in the wellness industry. Consider a Health Spa website as a must have business asset that is used to promote your business, tell stakeholders about what you are doing and sell products to and take online bookings from your clients.

Necessary Elements on any Health Spa site

There are some truly necessary items that need to be mentioned, written about and provided images or videos for. What would you customers need to know to assure them that you are the right business for them?

For this purpose showing certification is vitally important. Visitors to your site want to see that you are registered with the relevant health and business authorities. Then they want to be re-assured that you are a thriving business which means that people love to come to the Spa. A visitor counter is a great way of showing this.

Use a testimonial slider on the homepage of the Health Spa Divi layout to let your visitors know that your clients love your facility. Easy to use testimonial sliders are a huge help in creating credibility and re-assuring visitors to your homepage that they are at the right place.

Your facilities need to be reflecting your offer. Elegant decor, clean facilities, restful colours, surrounded by nature all need to be followed through on the website. The mood needs to be re-created and decor of the premises must follow through onto the website.

Make sure it’s a Business Tool

It’s quite often the case that business people think that their website is purely there to be an online presence because that’s what everybody says you need. Not much thought is given to the fact that a website should be a fully functioning business tool that needs to fulfill several function.

Your website not only has to reflect the image of your business but it must also be a marketing asset. Use your homepage Health Spa design and layout to encourage action to book services, ask for phone consultations, book treatments and lead to product sales.

Use visual tools such as great images and beautiful videos to show treatments, demo products, teach healthy lifestyle habits and more. Lead your visitors from the homepage of the Health Spa Divi Layout to your offering encouraging participation to learn more or book a treatment.

Perhaps setup a membership section to encourage sign ups that will provide your business with another opportunity to showcase your services and products. Never underestimate what a website can do for you.

The All Important Content

It’s all very well to get yourself a free Homepage Health Spa Divi Layout. Beautiful colours, and some copyright free images found on the internet are not going to be enough to sell your services. You need to have visual material that shows your business, your services, the products you sell whether your own ones such as scented candles or somebody else’s such as vitamin bundles and then of course there is the copy.

Copy, or more specifically the words, that are used on a website are there to sell you. That’s really all they need to do. Of course that isn’t really all that easy. And in some high value businesses it would be an excellent idea to employ a professional web copywriter. It’s not just a talent but it also requires high skills levels.

In a few words your services and products need to be described in such a way that your visitors want to immediately purchase a product from you, book a treatment, come in for a consultation and more. Can you do that? Probably not. Use professional especially if you are building a website for a large business where the website really has to deliver.

Of course for small businesses one might say that the copy is even more important to assist them to get more business. But one must be realistic and realise that the good copywriters are expensive. They deserve to be paid well for their craft. But the budget might not be available at the beginning.

Social Media

Most people throw in social media as a necessary evil. They set up Twitter and Facebook and after one or two tweets a few shared items on Facebook they give up. It’s also hard work to add social media to your site. Your images need to be resized correctly for the various social media accounts. If somebody shares your page you don’t want to have a blank spot where the image should appear.

You also need to tag your social media images properly so that they assist with SEO. And then you have to set up the page so that it is social media friendly with user friendly sharing buttons/plug-ins that enhance the page rather than spoil the look.

It’s a Lot of Work

It’s a lot more work to design and develop a website than one initially realises. Somehow one thinks a website will just appear and a good web designer will wave a magic wand to make it happen. Mmmh. Not quite. But one step to make your life easier for a web designer is to use pre-made Divi Theme Layouts . Check this Free Homepage Health Spa Divi Layout to save you time and money.

Have fun