5 Reason to Use a Great Foodies Free Divi Theme Layout

Great Foodies Free Divi Layout

Great Foodies Free Divi Layout

Foodies HomePage Divi Theme Lay-Out

People with a business or hobby in the food industry have a huge advantage when setting up a website. What is that you might say? It’s that food images are so popular. We just love to look at beautifully presented food images. It’s even called food porn!

It’s therefore a no brainer that the team at Divi Den would design a Foodies Homepage Divi layout for web designers and developers to use with their Divi Builder. But here are five reasons why you would want to use this one. Download your free one

1. On Trend Font

This funky free divi layout is ready to be used on your website. Its uses the Roboto font which is a default Divi font. This modern font immediately gives the user a feeling of a website that is totally right for it’s time.
One tends to think that the choice of fonts is only something that typographers and print typesetter might mull over.

Not so. As web safe fonts are developed there are a range of gorgeous fonts available that add massively to how your website looks and feels. A font can determine if your website is old and stale or whether it is at the front line of design. A font can also contribute to the overall design and create its own feel. This font is right for this design.

2. Love Parallax Effect

Parallax effects can be added to the first image on the Divi Layout to excite your website visitors and create a nice sense of movement. An image of a fork creates interest to lift text that could otherwise be boring or stale.

Parallax is a great way to easily add an interesting effect and catch the attention. Add to that the fact that images of food when professionally styled and photographed are amazing and you have a winning header.

3. Credibility for your Foodie Biz

When people write nice things about you talk about it. Why not show this off in the premade testimonial slider we have created especially for you in this Divi lay-out. There is an auto rotate so you website visitors can scroll backwards and forwards to read your great reviews.

Testimonials build trust. Your user will want to read about how other people have and continue to enjoy your products or even the awesome experience they have had with you and your website. Testimonials sell you or your product/services without sounding hardcore salesy. A good testimonial can give your site credibility and can endorse your product and services.

4. Great Colour Choice

The colours chosen are soft and funky. But of course with the Divi builder these can be updated in a few clicks to match your branding or design preference. This Divi layout is 100% customizable and ready to be installed on any Divi Theme. Install it and create a child theme. Create and add your own styles or simple use a few elements from the design.

When writing your content website use short paragraphs and keep the content snappy. Write each sentence with the idea they will want to read the next sentence. And don’t forget to to add link so user can easily navigate around your site.

5. Space for Gorgeous Photos

Nothing gets people excited more than gorgeous images of food. Ok. Maybe photos of kittens might beat that. But only just. Food presents wonderful opportunities for taking stunning images. And you don’t have to worry about copyright either. Just focus and click and share.

Great images not only entice your website visitors to whatever action you want them to take but are also powerful sales tools when used on visual sharing platforms such as Instagram, Facebook even Twitter and of course Snap.

What You Need to Add

Of course there never is just a totally free lunch! You do have to add bits to this great Divi Theme layout. You or your client has to provide the content to drop into the layout. You need to have some copy that describes the products and services provided. Don’t forget those keywords. Don’t make it too long as you don’t want to bore your users rather depend on your images to do the talking for you.

Images are hugely important in the food industry. It might even be a good idea to bring in a food stylist. The professionals make it look easy. But it isn’t really. Grouping of food on the plate, decorative bits, glazing to make the food more appetising, lighting, crockery, cutlery, glasses and table decor all make a difference. But it’s so worth it. Gorgeous photographs are what will sell your product or services.

Don’t forget you social media accounts and make sure your images have been resized so that when your visitors share your beautiful images they come up in their social media streams. Nothing worse than your product showing up with a block with no image.