Great Examples of Where To Use A Divi Template

The Divi Template

In the beginning WordPress templates had a bit of a bad reputation. Buggy code was an issue and they were considered hard to customize. They were also not optimized for SEO. But those days are in the past. With companies like Elegant Themes who have a team of dedicated developers constantly improving and optimising their sites website templates are a real option now. Of course the Elegant Themes flagship product is their Divi Theme template.

A Divi Template has become a part of the web designers’ toolkit ever since Divi was developed and made available. There are many advantages to using Divi Templates and you can read about a great list of reasons here. But where would you use Divi Templates? Here is a great list of uses for Divi Templates.

Small or Local Business Websites

This Divi Template is perfect for small or local businesses. Small businesses are generally low on budget but still need a professional online presence. For technically challenged business owners or those with little time a Divi Designer can step in to help Cropping and sourcing images can take a web designer a few hours whereas a business owner could spend hours if not days struggling to make the Divi template look good.

Personal Website

For this category of websites the Divi Template is a sensible choice. If you want to create a family blog, try out a Side Hustle or if you are traveling and want to post you image and stories from your adventures then you don’t really need the cost of a professional webdesign studio. You may want a website to upload your resumé to and have it easily available for recruiters to download. The Divi template has an already pre built about me page template that could be an excellent fit. You may have portfolio items you need to showcase and the Divi gallery option is ideal for creating a quick and effective online portfolio.

Landing Pages

Landing pages often have a short shelf life. These are generally used to obtain mailing lists, gather leads or promote a product special or event. They may be used in Facebook and social media campaigns. You have a product or event image, a main product statement, a few calls to action and maybe a signup form that needs to be placed on the page. Pre Made landing pages save time and hassle. When the promotion has ended you can back it up to reuse for the next promotion. To spend hundreds of dollars to appoint a professional web design company for a short campaign could be outside the budget of a small business. Of course if you have no time or are not blessed with creativity then a Divi designer can help with banners which you can insert into the Divi template.

DIY Web Designers

You love the internet. You have spare time. You want to dive into designing awesome websites but don’t know where to start. Of course you will feel a little overwhelmed at the millions of sites out there. Everyone is selling their solution and templates. They are giving you hundreds of reasons why their theme is the best.

If you want to build more than one website the Divi template is the answer. The most obvious reason is that the licence is valid for as many websites as you want to create. Buying websites on Themeforest for instance can become very expensive as you have to buy a new licence for each project your work on.

The support is truly incredible. We have seen newbie web designers on the Divi Facebook group page ask questions that seem really basic. No problem. There will always be somebody out of the 20 000 members who will help. Everyone knows how frustrating it can be when you start out. This is especially true with responsive web design and the intimidatingly large numbers of mobile devices and web browsers. When designing websites in the modern age we have to think about every possible user and what device they will be using to visit your website with.

With premade Divi Templates to play with, and yes play, it can be incredibly fun and rewarding. To be able to update images and content of a premade Divi Layout page template is fast and easy. To be able to see your design idea come to life is exciting as it is so fast to do. With it being so fast you can also try multiple design options. Just drag around elements, add new elements and save your creations.

There are so many Divi template samples available on the web. A quick Google search will bring up literally thousands of Divi websites to look at. It can also quite often provide great ideas for your project. Nothing like looking at a beautifully designed website to get the creative juices flowing. The excitement of being able to work on a new project can give you extra energy to get the job done. There are even sites you can submit your Divi website to. Why not share you web design and get other web designers buzzing while looking at your work.

Charity Websites

If you are involved in a charity or are participating in a good cause then the Divi Template is the perfect answer for you. As usual you will probably need to work with a zero budget. But your cause is worth sharing with the world. The Divi template is honestly the best solution. You don’t need anything complex. A home page with a short intro to your project, an about page talking about your plans for your charity and a contact page is all you need to get started. All these pages are pre built in the Divi Template. Of course you will need to blog. Google likes to see new content and a blog is the best way to get indexed. You will need people to find you so they can get involved in your great idea.

It’s So Easy To Get Going

The web does not need to be a scary place. It should be fun to develop and update your website. Try the Divi Theme template and see how easy it is to use. If you get stuck there are many resources online to help, forums where people will jump to answer your questions and if that is not enough call in a Divi Expert or Divi Designer to help you with your project. With the power and speed of the Div builder there is no do