Stunning Free Agency Homepage Divi Layout

Is This Your New Agency Divi Theme Layout Homepage?

It’s always a great idea for agencies to refresh their web presence regularly. Once a year? Probably good. Selling yourself as an on trend business, even before trends, requires you to rethink the way your online brand represents you. That means you need to review your website’s look and feel as well as the message it is sending out to your many publics whether clients, potential clients, investors, stakeholders or even the general public.

As a marketing or creative agency your online presence is vital. This free Divi Layout is designed with conversion in mind. It comes in soft colours but can be very easily updated to whatever colours are in your brand and which might be fashionable right now. The Divi Layout is a complete webpage. It could be used as a one page website or as a homepage. Mix and match and drag and drop the Divi elements to create your own layout.

What Are The Elements Of Your Divi Layout?

The Hero Image

This Divi Theme Layout comes with all the necessary elements for an agency type website. The big header area can be filled with a striking image or relevant video loop with space for text for a catchy headline or company slogan. Under the headline is an arrow so that your users can quickly scroll down to the intro paragraph. Use this intro text module to introduce your business or services in general terms. We have added a funky speech bubble where you can add an interesting fact about your business or the website.


There is provision for one strong Testimonial under the Hero Image. It’s important to have your best Testimonial at the top of the page so your website users are immediately reassured they are looking at a reputable agency.


Divi icon blurbs is the next section. Here you will want to show off all your services. A short description underneath each icon lets the user know exactly what you are offering. As a word of general advice for areas such as these it’s best to count characters in your copy so that the copy in the blocks are more or less uniform in size.

The icons can be linked to inside pages on your site where you can explain in more detail what services you are offering. What’s great about icons is that users can immediately see visually what you are about and create interest in what your company is up to.

More Testimonials!

For companies offering services the referrals your happy clients offer and their words of appreciation are vital. And as you are awesome you will have more than one testimonial. We have created a slider where users can simply click through and read what your clients have said about you. Next to the slider is a place for your team image. Show your visitors what you look like. Users like to see who they may be working with. Advice. Don’t use mobile phones for this important item. Get a professional photographer to take some great images of you and your team.

Client List of Logos

A graphic representation of the clients you have worked with is an easy way to impress your site visitors. Add your client logos to this area. There is provision for four but you can of course add many more.

Divi Number Counter Module

Show off your stats with the Divi Number Counter Module. This can represent a fun item such as number of coffees consumed or show serious statistics for your business. How many days have you been in business. How many projects or websites have you completed on behalf of clients. Or even how many projects have you worked on for your Social Responsibility program such as charity sites, fundraising efforts of your team and more.

Circle Blurbs

So much fun to play with these. Think of your four important words and play around with the text and colour of these circles. Of course random words would not make sense without a short description under them. Go mad!

Divi Person Module

And last but not least is the Divi Person module. Show off your team members with style. This is a unique design unlike the standard Divi Peron Module. This will reassure your website visitors that you are real and that you ready to work with them.

Divi Layouts For Free

Of course the best part about this Divi Layout which is one of several Divi Theme Layouts is that it is totally and absolutely for free. Download it here.