10 Reasons to Love the WordPress Divi Theme

We love the Divi Theme WordPress

Divi Theme is a WordPress theme from www.elegantthemes.com. When you sign up to Elegant Themes you get access to all of their themes and plugins. But in reality the main reason anyone would sign up is to get the Divi Theme WordPress. It comes in 2 parts. You can either use the theme out of the box or you can install their Divi Builder plugin onto almost any other WordPress theme.

1. Out of the Box

The default theme that comes out of the box is pretty awesome. It has pre-made Divi Layout pages and elements. The rows are coloured to make it easy to see where you are in an instant. And as with all WordPress themes the Divi theme offers the option to use the Divi Builder or use the default WordPress editor.

2. Fast and Easy to Use

What we like about the Divi Theme WordPress is its speed and that it’s so easy to use. Unlike other WordPress themes the Divi Theme is focused on designers. They bring out daily Divi theme blog posts and general web design advice. When you sign up to get the Divi Theme WordPress you immediately feel like you’re in a community. They also have a very active Facebook group which is fun to read through and see what other Divi designers are doing.

3. Tons of Free Divi Resources

They also provide a lot of Free Divi Resources that can be used with the WordPress Divi theme. And if you get tired of the standard Divi page layouts then you can always check their blog to find free downloads. A quick Google search will also bring up tons of Divi freebies developed by other Divi Experts including some you can pick up on our Divi Den.

4. Real Time Live Visual Builder Theme

Besides all the pre-made layouts and elements – what else makes the Divi WordPress Theme so special? Hands down it’s the first real time live visual builder theme. The front end Divi builder was built so that one can change text and elements on a live website. No need to go into the WordPress dashboard to make edits. You can change the text, fonts, colours and even add images and drag page elements around. No coding experience required. This is great as you can see how your content looks on the pages without having to upload and reload your website each time. You change the font size right on the page to make sure your text fits in perfectly.

For a webdesigner it’s all about design so to be able to see your changes instantly without having to reload the page make development of websites so much faster. And It’s fun to see your change live. If you want to add something new, just hover over the area you want to update and click the “+” button and select from the list of Divi’s 40+ content elements. Divi has a module for what feels like everything and each of them can be adjusted in the settings box to match any design. And it’s all in one place. No need to get extra plugins to do the job when it’s all built in. You can even duplicate your design elements. Happy with the settings you have created – then you duplicate it on the page or save it to your Divi library for reuse later. Make it global so the element updates for every instant you have it on your website.

You can even adjust the responsive setting and preview them in the settings boxes. There are settings for desktop, tablet and mobile.

5. Made a Mistake? No Problem!

With the Divi Theme WordPress you can undo and redo any changes you make to your website. It even makes backups of your site while you are working. So if you lose internet connection or have power problems you can feel secure in the knowledge that Divi has a backup! It has a built in history log. Simply click the history option and you can easily restore previous versions of your web design.

6. You have 3 Core Elements

The Divi WordPress Theme comes with 3 core elements settings. General, Advanced and Custom CSS. You don’t need to ever use the custom CSS panel but it’s nice to have if you want to create some extra effects with CSS. There are tons of tutorials and Divi snippets online you can get for free to use in your website design. We mostly use the general settings. This is where you can add in your images and content. The advanced panel is for your text, colour and size settings.

7. Great Security

The Divi Theme WordPress has excellent security. Anyone who generates leads or makes sales from their website needs to be totally aware of the dangers lurking out in the web. But with so much to learn when creating a new website it’s really nice to know that the team has prioritised security. We have built over 50 Divi websites with not one single issue over the years.

8. Awesome Documentation & Support Forum

Not only does the WordPress Divi Theme come with great support they also have awesome documentation. And a support forum. They have a growing YouTube channel with useful tips and advice on how to get the most from Divi. This is great for newbies and even when more senior developers want to get help.

9. Excellent Value for Money

This WordPress theme is outstanding value for money. The Divi Theme WordPress makes it easier and quicker to build sites which is of benefit to a web designers client base. A site built with Divi is also incredibly easy to maintain. So should a web designer disappear for some reason client can update their own site when necessary.

It’s also easy to call in a Divi Expert to quickly fix something for you and it shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg as it’s so easy to work on a site even if the webdesigner hasn’t built the site herself.

Another great benefit is that a theme may be used as many times as required. It’s not necessary to buy a new licence for every website you build. Elegant Themes encourages you to create client sites using the Divi theme.

10. Lifetime updates

Updates and improvements are constantly released. It’s awesome to see the theme changing and growing. The technology is phenomenal. Truly cutting edge. And if for some reason it’s still not for you then you can cancel your subscription at anytime. As an alternative to that you can take the plunge and upgrade like we did. We are lifetime members and have never looked back. They know they have a great product. A 30 day refund offer attests to that.

That’s why we love the Divi Theme WordPress

That’s ten good reasons why we love this Divi Theme and if you haven’t tried it as a web designer then you might want to after having checked our ten reasons. If you have a reason why you love the Divi Theme then give us a shout. Would love to add them or even start a new list.