4 Reasons Why I use the Divi Builder - a Web Designers Rationale

Divi Builder Wins

Working as a web designer for the past 15 years has been an interesting time. It’s one industry that has seen so many changes it could appear quite confusing from an outsider’s point of view. But then when you are in it, the development and progression of the industry seems to somehow make sense. As a new kid on the block, here are four reasons I love Divi Builder.

1. Clients Love the Divi Builder

This is the main reason we use the Divi Builder. We have been designing and building websites for 15 years. I remember the days when we had to html code every page. Making client changes was always a problem. And every time the client wanted a change we had to do it for them. WordPress was a wonder for the industry when it came out and clients were to update their own sites. Nothing more irritating than having to make minor content changes.

The only problem with the first generation of WordPress sites was we had to use custom fields and creating interesting layouts still took a lot of dev time. And to be 100% honest only a few of our clients were able to navigate the CMS. Now with the Divi Builder my clients can simply click on the the actual page and are able to make changes. I think for clients this is a winner as they can see and click where they want to edit. No more searching in the dashboard for the bits of content they want to update.

Divi calls it the power of instant visual web design and it really is awesome. We now generally only have a short hand over call to introduce the client to the Divi Builder and they are all set and quite excited to get stuck into their own websites.

2. Speeds up Dev Time

Being able to save and reuse Divi layouts is the best thing for web designers using the Divi Builder. We are busy growing our Divi layout library. Most sites have similar features such as call to actions and team (people) sections for example. There is no point in recreating these layouts for each new site. All we do is import library items and update the styles, images and content.

What else is cool about Divi layouts is the massive community of Divi developers and designers. You can google around and find free and premium Divi layouts which other designers and developers have premade. Not only do you often get a free Divi layout but you get to reuse their design and see how they created it.

The Divi Builder also comes with auto save. Let me tell you there is nothing more heart-breaking than losing internet or have a page timeout and to lose all your work. The Divi Builder also makes backups of your changes so you can easily restore if you run into problems.

3. Easy to Update

We have used other theme in the past and even though we always make child themes, when the site updates we have to spend hours fixing the bugs from the update. With the Divi builder we have way less problems when updating. It is vital to update sites especially if it’s a security update.

4. Pre made Divi Page Layouts

I can not say how much we love using premade Divi page layouts. Download, import and save using the Divi Builder. When you click the Divi Builder option button it pops up a box with 2 options. You can select one of the many Divi page layouts that the theme comes already loaded with or you can select from you own person library. You can load Divi layouts as a whole page or just load pre made elements. You can use the Divi builder to drag and rearrange these elements and create a website layout in minutes. And then you can save it to your library to reuse it.

It’s So Much Easier

Anything that makes ones life easier is so welcome. For a web designer there is so much to know and to constantly learn new. From optimisation for quick downloads, to mobile views the web designer’s world has always been full of potential stumbling blocks. New tools that make life easier are so welcome. Divi Builder is a life saver.

Check out our free and premium Divi Page Layouts. Or buy your own Divi Builder here.