Footer Divi Layout Kit

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Footers Divi Layout Kit – 7 Modules

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What is the Footers Divi Layout Kit?

This is a range of fabulous Footers Divi Layouts and UI Modules that are really useful for any web designer using the Divi Builder. This Footers Divi Layout Kit comprises of 7 modules. Easy to use. Instructions in the video in the Divi Den YouTube Channel.

Footers Divi Layout UI Kit Module Numbering

We have designed and built 7 fabulous and Unique Footers Divi Layout Modules and bundled them into a kit for you. To try and make it clear which one we are talking about we have numbered them from one to seven by this method. 1 – 7 (one of seven), 2 – 7 (two of seven), 3 – 7 (three of seven)  etc.

The seven Footers Divi Layout Kit UI Modules

This first one of seven Divi Footers Modules in this kit, 1 – 7, has a call to action as well as an email icon followed by a link to an inner page as well as follow-us buttons for Facebook and Twitter.

The second of the seven Footers Divi Layout modules in this kit, 2 – 7, has the Google map which is important for local search as well as section for Contact details.

The third Footers Module, 3 – 7, uses a darker contrasting colour for the Subscribe section and then another strip with space for contact details as well as social media follow-us buttons.

The fourth, 4 – 7, uses the footer for additional menu navigation to inner pages. Contact details and follow-us buttons. Nice contrasting colour. But web designers can of course change this to suit the design of their sites.

The fifth Footers Divi Layout or UI Kit Module, 5 – 7,  fun icons with some hover animations for phone number, email address and a link to another website or whatever is suitable.

The sixth Footers Divi Layout Kit item of the series of seven, 6- 7, shows a map with an overlaid block for information such as Services and links to inner pages, company details, further links as well as contact details. Fun hover animation for social media follow us buttons.

The seventh Footers Divi Layout module of the series of seven, 7 – 7, a bar for a message with the map underneath it. Information under the map for how to contact the business as well as follow-us buttons to social media accounts.

Customising These Footers Divi Layout UI Kit Modules

These Footers Divi Layout or UI Kit elements are fully customisable. Change the copy. Use your own favourite fonts and tweak the font size to suit your design. You can change the colours too and of course any icons we have used and replace the images. Style these great Footers Divi Layout Kit items according to your requirements.

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