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Headers Divi Layout Kit – 9 Modules

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What is the Blogs Divi Layout Kit?

Elegant Themes says: Ever since the Divi Builder was added to blog posts, creating stunning editorial layouts with it’s easy to arrange modules has been one of the best ways to creatively display your content on a Divi website. Great news!

What is the Headers Divi Layout Kit?

This is a range of heavenly Headers Divi Layouts that are really useful for any web designer using the Divi Theme. This Headers Divi Layout Kit comprises of 9 modules. Responsive. Easy to use. Instructions in the video in the Divi Den YouTube Channel.

Headers Divi Layout Kit Module Numbering

We have designed and built 9 fabulous and Unique Headers Divi Layout Modules and bundled them into a kit for you. To try and make it clear which one we are talking about we have numbered them from one to nine by this method. 1 – 9 (one of nine), 2 – 9 (two of nine), 3 – 9 (three of nine)  etc.

The nine Headers Divi Layout Kit UI Modules

This first one of nine Divi Headers Modules in this kit, 1 – 9, has space for a great header image or video. Block for a special message is slightly off set.

The second of the nine Headers Divi Layout modules in this kit, 2 – 9, has a large image or video with a banner with Call to Action underneath for a relevant message.

The third Headers Module, 3 – 9, has an image with an effective slanted cut off for an additional product or representative of a service image. Add a slogan for extra effect.

The fourth, 4 – 9,  space for a large image, side section with colour feature to allow for a statement that stands out.

The fifth Headers Divi Layout Kit Module, 5 – 9, has space for a strong message with icons and points about service or products superimposed onto a background image.

The sixth Headers Divi Layout Kit item of the series of nine, 6- 9, has a line descending from left to right, with space for an image on the right hand side. Insert a sales message or slogan.

The seventh Headers Divi Layout module of the series of nine, 7 – 9, has a fun single zag line across to direct the focus onto an important image. Add a slogan to the image.

The eights Layout, 8 – 9, shows a special effect to create a little bit of mystery around the image. Add a message to show what the business stands for.

The ninth Layout, 9 – 9, has a haze effect over the image. Allows for a strong text message. Can also accommodate a video.

Customising These Headers Divi Layout Kit Modules

These Headers Divi Layout Kit sections are fully customisable. Change the copy. Use your own favourite fonts and tweak the font size to suit your design. You can change the colours too and of course any icons we have used and replace the images. Style these great Headers Divi Layout Kit items according to your requirements.

Enjoy this Divi Product as part of the Unicorn Bundle. Not available on its own.

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How to use it: For help How to Use this Headers Divi Layout Kit – 9 UI Modules watch our video.

This Product is currently only available as a part of the Unicorn Bundle