Testimonial Divi Layout Kit

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Testimonials Divi Layout Kit – 7 UI Modules

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What is the Testimonials Divi Layout Kit?

Elegant Themes say: Website testimonials are more important than ever. Reviews on Google, Yelp, Facebook, etc are important for businesses because potential clients will often focus on those when making their purchasing decision. This is why it’s so important to keep testimonials about your products and services up-to-date on your Divi website. Exactly our thoughts too!

Testimonials Divi Layout Kit Module Numbering

We have designed and built 7 fabulous and Unique Testimonials UI Modules and bundled them into a kit for you. To try and make it clear which one we are talking about we have numbered them from one to seven by this method. 1 – 7 (one of seven), 2 – 7 (two of seven), 3 – 7 (three of seven) etc.

The Seven Testimonials Divi Layout Kit UI Modules

This first one of seven Divi Testimonial Modules in this kit, 1 – 7, has a two customer testimonial view with the option of inserting a client image to add credibility to the testimonial.

The second of the seven Testimonials Divi Layout modules in this kit, 2 – 7, is a slider which is great to use for multiple testimonials.

The third Testimonial Module, 3 – 7, shows a variation of three different effects. It has a nice big area for the testimonial with space for the name and a website URL.

The fourth, 4 – 7, is a slider with the text justified to the left.

The fifth Testimonials Divi Layout Kit Module, 5 – 7, has a different layout to normal. Three units with the image for the client either at the bottom or the top.

The sixth Testimonials Divi Layout Kit item of the series of seven, 6- 7, has a hover animation with a shadow effect.

Customising These Testimonials Divi Layout Kit Modules

These Testimonials Divi Layout Kit elements are fully customisable. Change the copy. Use your own favourite fonts and tweak the font size to suit your design. You can change the colours too and of course the icons we have used and replace the images. Stamp your own design style on these great Testimonials Divi Layout Kit items.

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How to use it: For help How to Use this Module in the Testimonials Divi Layout Kit watch our videos.

This Product is currently only available as a part of the Unicorn Bundle