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Hi There! We want to help you as fast as we can. 

To save yourself time, please try a quick search in our knowledge base. If you cannot find an answer in the KB, please keep reading.

Here are 3 troubleshooting tips that will speed up the support process.

Important: Always please backup your website and database before making any updates. Learn how to backup your website.

  1. Clear all caches and deactivate all caching. Test for the same problem again. Read about 6 kinds of caches to clear.
  2. Update WordPress, your Divi Theme and Divi Den Plugins to the latest version.
  3. Temporarily disable all your plugins and child theme. Then test again for the same problem.

If none of the above options resolve the issue, please submit a support request below, we would be happy to assist.

Watch this helpful video about caching issues

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