Top 10 Animated Divi Theme Blurb Modules By Divi Den

What is a Blurb?

It’s such an odd word, the blurb. You might not have come across it if you are not a journalist or in the book publishing industry. Wikipedia describes a blurb as a short promotional piece accompanying a creative work.

Blurbs were originally printed on the back or rear dust-jacket of a book, and are now found on DVD and video cases, web portals, and news websites and more recently on almost every website’s homepage. Even found on inner pages of websites.

Why would they be used on a website? In the case of websites they are a very important way to introduce a service, special feature or product with a link to further information or story.

The blurb is the opportunity for a sales pitch. Once the great images or other design elements of a home page has drawn the reader in, the blurb is what is going to make the difference between a missed opportunity and a sale. You have one shot at introducing your product or service to your website visitors – make it count.

Elegant Theme’s Divi Blurb Module

Elegant Themes the home of the Divi Theme say this about the Divi Blurb Module. “The blurb module is a simple and elegant combination of text and imagery.  Blurbs are a great way to showcase small bits of important information, and are often used in rows to display skills or features.”

Elements of a Blurb

In the book publishing industry a blurb will generally only feature copy. In web design the opportunity presents itself to add an image, a hover animation, an icon and/or animated icon or as per a recent trend a giphy. These elements are used to add a more visual element to the blurb to either catch the attention of the visitor and to add meaning to the copy of the blurb.

The image or illustration needs to add to the blurb. If a plumbing service for instance is described the icon should have some connection to plumbing. As a blurb is designed to catch the eye it is important for the blurb image to attract attention. This can be design not only by the cleverness of the choice of image or icon but also by adding an animation.

In terms of the copy length it should be kept to quite short. Although book publishers use a fair number of words in a blurb to describe the story or plot of a book, on a website where the visitor’s attention span is so short a more compact style of copy is required. One or two sentences is all you have space for. It’s important to make those count.

Here is a Selection of 10 of the Best Divi Theme blurbs on Divi Den

Using any of these divi blurbs will lift a web page. They have been designed to add a little sparkle, create interest, add value to a page and to make a service or product look interesting so as to encourage a visitor to read more.

From the Mermaid Bundle: 

  1. List Reveal Hover Blurb – lovely animation that moves the image to reveal the text.
  2. Typography Hover Blurb – four block animation with an image reveal creates a fresh look for your blurbs.
  3. Circular Impact Hover Blurb – four blurbs surrounding the centre image with the ‘moons’ animating gently
  4. Triple Circle Hover Blurb – three icons with mouse-over hover
  5. Info Animated Reveal Blurb – six image blocks with text reveal hover animation effect

From the Unicorn Bundle:

  1. The fourth, 4 – 8, uses flat colour, freshly designed new icons, 3D block effects that flip for a second message to encourage users to take action.
  2. The fifth blurb, 5 – 8, has 4 circles with flat images and new designed icons and an animation on hover.
  3. The third Divi blurb, 3 – 8, uses flat colour with Elegant Theme pre-loaded icons, 3D flip with directional arrow to encourage clicks.
  4. The fourth, 4 – 8, uses flat colour, freshly designed new icons, 3D blox effects that flip for a second message to encourage users to take action.
  5. The final blurb in this kit 8 – 8 is a fun representation of a process. Fun use of blurbs to show how a company approaches a problem solving situation. In this instance from research to launch with lovely shaded circle effect on hover.

Do you even need a Divi Blurb on your Website?

Of course the final question one can ask is whether it is actually necessary to have Divi Blurbs on any page on a website. That question is of course one that the designer will have to answer and will depend on the purpose of the website. If the website is about a service or product a business or individual is trying to promote than divi blurbs are most definitely a good idea.

In most cases a website promoting something could do with a Divi Theme blurb  Even non profits could easily have a blurb on their site. Blurbs are important whenever a short description of a service or product offering needs to be highlighted. And in most cases a website’s purpose is to promote something. Why else would you want a website?

As long as you make the copy for your Divi Theme blurb short and concise and add a descriptive icon or image divi blurbs are a great idea. Divi Blurbs are not blog posts. Keep the copy down to one or two sentences and add a descriptive image. Add some animation and your blurb is good to go and will add value to your website page.