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Free Divi Blurb Module – 7th Day of Xmas



Free Divi Blurb Module – 7th Day of Xmas

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Day Seven of Divi Den’s Twelve Days of Freebie Xmas Cheer

What is a Divi Blurb Module?

Divi Blurb Modules are super easy to use elements on a website. A Blurb is a thumbnail sized bit of information to tease the visitor to a website into clicking on a read more button. In most cases Blurbs are on the homepage where space is at a premium and are designed to take visitors to more information pages on the site.

A Divi Blurb module usually has an icon that represents the subject of the Blurbs, as well as short text and a button to click further. Or alternatively the icon serves as button. Blurbs are meant to attract attention and often come with an animation effect to create some interest.

What This Divi Blurb Module Has

This Free Divi Blurb Module for the Seventh Day to Xmas Freebie Cheer has:

  • left side block for short description and Call to Action Button. Three icons with hover over animation with heading and space for brief explanation
  • 3 blocks each with icon, title, and brief text for description with mouse over animation
  • 4 circle icons with title and space for brief text. Fun hover over animation effect

Why would you want this free Divi Blurb layout?

This Freebie takes the hard work out of making Divi Blurb Modules for a website. Watch our video to see how you can easily use the Divi Blurb Module and how you can customise it to your purpose. This Freebie is right for any web designer using the Divi Theme. With three different layouts to choose from you are bound to be able to apply one on a website you are building.

For the Designers

This now makes it 31 free Divi Layouts ready for you to download off the Divi Den shop site. Divi Den’s products are designed and developed to make the life of web designers easier by saving them time and money..

Of course this Free Divi Blurb Layout is responsive!

How to use it:

View our video and keep it simple. If you are new to Divi – Have fun with it but don’t get too fancy until you feel more confident.

NB: You will need the Divi Theme for this layout. Get Divi Theme

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  • Unlimited project use

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Brief Terms & Conditions
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You need the Divi Theme for this product. Get it here
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Do not sell the product as is, as a stand alone item
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Love all the work you guys are putting into this – awesome work and great value! Thanks!


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