About Us

Yeah Can Design Studio

Divi Den and it’s website Webdesign101.berlin is a project started by Yeah Can Design Studio. For six years, up to 2017, Yeah Can has specialised in offering web design and development as an outsource or white label web design partner.

A consistent request by outsource partners was for low cost solutions for their web design customers with tiny budgets. This was not something Yeah Can could provide with a studio offering design, tech support and a specialist coding team.

In an effort to become more price competitive Yeah Can decided to change to the Divi Theme and Divi Builder. As much as this made the team more competitive it didn’t really reduce the price of a web site to the required low budgets.

Trying out Divi Den

A solution Yeah Can considered was to offer pre-built websites. However, the market is well supplied by developers offering Divi child themes already. It seemed pointless to compete in this market. What was not that well known and made were UI Kits. UI Kits are made up of components of websites. UI Kits developed for Divi Theme and Divi Builder users are particularly useful as they can easily and quickly be assembled together to create a website.

It’s easy to mix and match from a range of elements, features, footers, headers, blurbs, modules and pre-built forms to build a new site or even just a landing page. The choice is the designers’ and their client to make. It’s easy to change colours, fonts, drop in new copy and images and re-tweak the components to a totally new look. And it takes a fraction of time which is a huge cost saving that can be passed on to the low budget client.

Testing the Waters

The design and dev team at Yeah Can cautiously tried out a few samples and then designed and built a first extensive UI Kit that included a fabulous collection of 83 Pre-made Divi Modules, 16 Divi Layouts and 171 Social Media Sharing Image Templates.

A temporary online store was opened on divi-den.com and the trial began in mid May 2017. Within a few weeks the team realised that the market indeed was ready for UI Kits and the time saving it provided to web designers using the Divi tools.

At the time of starting the trial we bought the domain name divi-den.com just in case we might want to set up a dedicated store. This has in fact become necessary quite early on in our online shop existence. The benefit of the temporary site was to allow the team to develop best solutions, respond to customer queries and make changes to accommodate these requests in the new site.

The Launch of Divi Den

We thank all of our customers for the patience they have shown us during our move. There will of course always be disruptions. Just as no house move ever goes 100% smoothly there are always going to be some unexpected hiccups when close on 400 customers and over 2000 free members need to be moved to a new home.

In addition, as much as we have worked on Divi Den’s new site to make the user journey as seamless as possible it does not mean we actually achieved this. That means that we are always happy to get feed-back, input, advice or just suggestions from our users.

Team Yeah Can, now more accurately called the Divi Den Team is always open to suggestions that will improve the user experience and will most definitely tweak, re-design and re-engineer the store where appropriate.