The Divi Theme - 5 Irrefutable Reasons Why You Should Use It

Divi theme page layouts

Divi theme page layouts

How does the Divi Theme fit into Web Design

Websites are made up of several building blocks. Each one of these requires web designers to have a fairly extensive knowledge. First of all there is the pretty stuff that everybody can see. This is your user interface. The UI consists of content and of instructions. Not only do you want your site visitors to view the content but you also want to encourage them to do something on your site.

You might want them to contact you, read more information, fill in a form, send through a request, download something for free or even buy a product off your site. In order for all of this to happen you need to have a ‘machine’ in the background that tells the website what to do when somebody clicks on a button or fills in a field of info.

That’s the second block that web designers need to know. Coding is what makes a website ‘do things on command’. It depends on how sophisticated the action is as to whether the coding needs to be clever or not. In many instances certain actions have been coded into extras that one can insert into a website without having to code it. These are commonly called Plug-ins and are developed to make a web designer’s life easier. Of course these plug-ins can conflict with each other and can lead to some big headaches when looking after websites.

The third block of knowledge a web designer needs is to understand how hosting works. How does the website function on the world wide web. What needs to be done for the site to work. How does the service provider work with websites i.e. what platform do they use and how easy is that to work with.

There are of course many other additional bits of knowledge web designers need to have. For instance how domain names work, how to max the speed optimisation or how ecommerce sites work.

The good news is that building websites has never been easier for web designers using one of the many tools available to make the whole process quicker and most profitable.

5 Compelling Reasons to Use the Divi Theme

Elegant Themes who offer the Divi Theme have been developing and improving this great web design tool for several years. With almost half a million users they are one of the biggest online companies in this ‘tools for web designers’ business. See their product range in more details here.

Great Tools to Handle Content

As mentioned above, for web designers one of the skills set they need is to be able to make the content of a website not only look great but also serve the purpose of making visitors excited about the websites offer whatever that might be.

This means that content needs to be handled well. Divi Theme has a bunch of great tools that allow web designers to easily upload copy, images, video, sound, graphics, icons and illustrations and more. Features such as real time design which means your design changes update instantly, click and type, responsive editing, customisable elements where you can adjust fonts, colours, sizing and spacing amongst many options, easy import and export of library items and so much more.

Pre-made Elements

For web designers coding is a big black hole that they would prefer not to have to go down into. Although coding is easier than outright programming it is still not easy for creative and visual people to get into. This is where the Divi Theme fits into the equation. By offering many pre-made elements the web designer has the coding work done for him or her.

Elegant Theme’s pre-made Elements are extensive in their number. Whether you want to use blurbs, email optins, blogs, number counters, a contact form, person module for bios, sliders, testimonial section or header and footers and more the range of pre-built components will cover any feature you might need in a standard website.

Drop the elements onto the page into the place where you need them, customise for colour, copy, font, images etc and you are ready to go. Conveniently easy to use without needing extensive coding knowledge.

Huge Library of Free Pre-made Website Components

Not only Elegant Themes but a range of individuals and online businesses offer an incredible amount of free ready to use website elements. Whether a home page divi layout, a blog divi layout, contact module or person module it’s easily available and often free.

Even divi layout packs that include all page layouts for an entire websites are available. Elegant Themes has introduced  these recently adding to their extensive range of free modules, pages, plug-ins and more. Enough to make any web designer’s life easier and his work more profitable.

Check the Freebies available on Divi Den as well for easy material to get you started on web design. You will need the Divi Theme though. Click here to get yours.

Free Educational Material, Courses and Video

For any web designer wishing to get into Divi Themes and how to use them checking online for free educational material will reveal an extraordinary amount of ready to use material.

From one or two minute how to videos such as Divi Den offers to 3hrs of how to build a WordPress site using Divi Theme video on YouTube it’s readily available for anybody willing to spend the time. Darrel Wilson’s close on 300 000 subscribers fully know the value of his material. Check his YouTube channel. 

A fair number of web designers try to muddle through in the hope that they will be able to pick up skills as they go along. In general though this tends to actually take up more time and aggravation in trial and error efforts than allocating some study time in using the free resources available.

Besides the videos available on YouTube Elegant Themes (Link: affiliate link) has an extensive library of training videos as well as very detailed instructions and how to content on their website. Well worth checking out.

Passionate and Engaged Divi Theme Community

This is a supportive, enthusiastic and mostly good-natured community. Follow Divi Facebook Communities to see how web designers and divi users get willing support and encouragement. Pop onto a Facebook Group and ask a question, no matter how silly, and somebody will jump in to assist with an answer or offer a link to a solution.

Whether it’s many individuals and small businesses that offer free tutorials, free pre-made divi layouts, easy to use divi child themes or plug-ins amongst many gifts, a web designer could build an entire portfolio library of nice websites using free items. Besides this premium products are also mostly reasonably priced and easily available with good support.

As Web Designer is the Divi Theme a Solution?

divi theme blurbs

Top 10 Animated Divi Blurb Modules By Divi Den

The answer to this question is a resounding yes. If you service the entry level budget client and need to work efficiently and cost effectively with minimum turn around time using the Divi Theme is a huge advantage. Even if your client has a larger budget and is looking for a more sophisticated solution Divi Theme is still a great tool.

With so much free stuff available, a reasonably priced Divi Theme tool and affordable premium products such as Divi Den’s Unicorn Bundle or Mermaid Bundle ready to make your life easy it’s an excellent idea to make Divi Theme your tool of choice.