The Divi Theme Person Module Kit with 5 Modules in the Mermaid Bundle

Divi Theme Person Module

The Divi Person Module

Elegant Themes the home of the Divi Theme says this about the Divi Person Module. “The Divi Person Module is an easy way to create a personal profile block for you or an individual on your team. It combines text, imagery and social media links into a single module and is commonly used on About Me or Team pages. But there are a few other less obvious instances in which you might want to use Divi’s person module on your website.” The homepage is also often a great spot for a Divi Person Module.

Divi Theme Person Module

Lift your web page a little with these animated Person Modules. Choose amongst five modules to add a little spark to your or your client’s web page. Each one of the Mermaid Bundle Person Modules has a unique set of hover animations to create some buzz on the page.

Add a professional set of images to the person module and change the copy to your message. Make your team members look interesting by taking advantage of these pre-designed and pre-coded animated divi Person Modules.

These are the Person Modules in this Kit

  • Circle Side Bio Person Module – fun hover animation with space for a very brief bio, position and social media links
  • Circle Tree Person Module – circle images makes a nice change. Add name and position or other brief description
  • Image Reveal Person Module – for something different a slide show. Move the cursor over the images to reveal more of the person
  • Stacked Person Module – a totally different layout of images. Hover over image to see details of the name, position and social media links
  • Box Reveal Person Module – hover animation shows the info for social media and the links. Name and position or title underneath

Why would you want these

Use the Divi Person Modules to make the introduction of team members a little more interesting. Don’t just use images to make a page look good. Add some animations to create some movement and interest.  Using this Divi Person Module Kit will allow you to add some movement and grab the attention of the visitors. Show off with this Mermaid Bundle product by creating an extra clever element of interest.

For the Designers

This is part of the Mermaid Bundle. It is also available as a separate Kit. As usual the bundle will save you money. But if you only need a great selection of Divi Person Modules then this kit is for you.  Divi Den’s products are designed and developed to help web designers save time and money. No need to design and animate your own Person Module when you can pick up this great selection of five for a good price.

How to use it:

For help on How to Install and Use this Mermaid Bundle Divi Person Module pack watch our video. Warning: unless you are an experienced coder we recommend that you do not add or subtract team members to these Person Modules.

NB: You will need the Divi Theme for this layout. Get it here.