Global Presets for Window Cleaning Layout Pack

Download the Divi global preset file for the Window Cleaning layout pack made by Elegant Themes

Global Presets for Window Cleaning Layout Pack

Global Presets for Window Cleaning Layout Pack

Import these global presets on your website to get

  • unique colour palette for your entire website
  • a great set of graphics you can freely use
  • styled typography (headings, paragraphs, lists…)
  • premade buttons
  • and various premade modules

The presets are ideally combined with the Window cleaning layout pack which you can also get for free!

What are Global Presets and how to use them?
Presets help you design your website faster, because you spend less time copying styles one by one. Instead, you apply the global preset.
Global presets allow multiple default values to be applied across the website. Once you design, let’s say
- a heading,
- a button,
- a pricing table,
- or any other part of your website, you can save it as a preset.

Whenever you add the same element on the website again, you can then choose the preset you saved previously, and automatically have the same design.
And you’re not limited to how many presets you can create!

Learn more
Check our documentation to find out more about global presets.

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To download these global presets, click the button below to visit Elegant Themes site.